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Installation guide FSX

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New here

PC content:

Corsair 800d

MB Asus A87

Intel Haswell 4770k clocked to 4,5ghz

16 GB inmemory cl 9 1600 Hz Latens 9 9 9 24X 2 =32gb

NVidia GTx 780 3 GB

SSD samsung 840 evo Fsx installed

Ssd 120 op Windows 7-64 installed

Mantorp Benq Q 27 inch 1 MS

Addons FTX global basepack , FTX global Vector, FTX LC europe

Running dx 10 Steves 2.8

I running steam edition just now, because i think IT is isy to Run multiplayer

But i am strulig to get some god quility on My monitor

I tried to read à LOT on the forum but i think IT is à djungel

Is ther Any installation guide for me , not so complicated.

Or is the best Way for me is to uppgrade My PC IT is nerly 3 years Old now?

Isit gon à make à big different IF get f.ex a 980ti Card regarding performance ?

Well a Will keep on testning. This great simulater

Sorry for My bad English

Meny THx for all help

Nils fr Sweden

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Your system should be running FSX beautifully. Do you have problems with any other programs you run ?What sort of problem (s) do you have with FSX ?Framerates? Poor graphics ? stutters?

I have read the Avsim basic FSX configuration guide and tried to folow IT, i have made settings and displays in FSX

FSX is running ok but would to have clearer or shaper picture on My monitor.

I always compare other simers pictures and videos many have lovely pictures and movies

I now that IT is not fare to compare , and shoud try to learn and get out the best of system.

What shoud i try to change or do different?

When i start a new FSX installation :

Running steam edition right now,

Is there Any limitetions regarding performance and Addons running steam E?

I have a least two legal copies of FSX gold edition ( hahaha) lafing because

Even IF tis legal i get troubled with keys.

I like to fly miltiplayer and IT running Nice in steam



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