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G'day all,
So my gliding club, GCWA, had its 70th anniversary last year.  We recently had a big party to celebrate the milestone, and I was tasked with collecting as many old photos and slides as I could from old members.  There was some great stuff hidden away in people's collections, and I thought I'd share a couple of the more interesting old shots with you.  Go grab a tea, there's a few here (in no particular order...)  Hope you enjoy!!

A busy day on the lineup at the club's original location - Caversham Airfield.  Primary Gliders and the club's old truck.
A Motorfalke motor glider - this has been restored recently by its current owner and was run up last weekend.  I look forward to seeing it in the air!
Mmmmmm, radial...
A Klemm L 25-1.  This was imported into WA in 1929 from Germany
I absolutely love this photo of filming underway at the old Caversham Airfield
Outlanding in the old primary would have been a bit rough...
...and often ended up in (severe) damage to the glider
A primary starting its tow
Primary in flight
These guys were super-keen.  They managed to rig a camera onto the wing for some awesome aerial shots.
VH-TUG, DeHavilland Tiger Moth.  The first of several glider tugs to wear this rego in Australia, all here in WA.
The "cockpit" of the primary... no fancy creature comforts here.  This was the flash model, that had a variometer (the drum is its capacity flask) and altimeter.  Airspeed indicator was the wind in your face.
VH-TUG in action
A busy day out at Cunderdin Airfield, the current home of the club.  Looks a bit diffferent to Jarrad's model :)
VH-TUG the second.  Dehavilland Chipmunk.  This is still in storage at the airfield (in pieces).
Oooh, check out the hot new glider on the scene!
Another busy day at Cunderdin
The old Tiger Moth in action again
Selfies, way before they were popular.  And way cooler than any you'll see today...
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Just like my history, a different place, different planes but all doing the same thing, infecting the unsuspecting student with the bug that never dies.

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What an excellent set! Those are some seriously good pics you've posted here, Derek.


Thanks a lot for sharing them (and letting us partake in your club's history)!





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Thankyou everyone!  It's a pleasure to share treasures like this.


Some great pics in there, Derek..........

I guess 70 years ago nobody had slew mode to catapult their glider to altitude ?? >:D

Jeez, I could have used slew mode a few weeks ago when I landed out...


Great shots Derek.  That primary is just a step away from a hang glider.  Wish I could climb back into a 2/32.



One step away and the step is up to a hang-glider.  The old primaries would have nowhere near the glide ratio of a decent hang-glider, and wouldn't even have been as safe.


Those pics are excellent!  I love the tug's reg, and I'm impressed at seeing gliders which predate that advanced intrumentation breakthrough of string taped to the windscreen!

Hey!  Its a "Yawstring" thankyou very much :D  And that 5 cent piece of wool does a better job than the $1200 battery eating turn-and-bank coordinator.


Terrific shots - especially of the Primary. Had a go on one over 30 years ago now.....I recall it came down as quick as it went up!!


I would imagine so.  Not quite in the same league as this sexy beast  :P


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