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CNK4 Parry Sound Airport - my first shots

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Looks amazing Frank , but where the heck is Parry Sound ???:o:D  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parry_Sound_Area_Municipal_Airport







Just a tad north of Toronto, Ontario Canada! A very popular area in the summer for many of the city residents of the GTA (greater Toronto area). Lots of float plane activity with beautiful lakeside cottages and many of the 100 of lakes in the area. 

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Wow, holy Sh$#!!!!! I'm absolutely lost for words...

I live about 30 miles directly south of Parry Sound Ontario in the town of Wasaga Beach. My cottage/hunting cabin is directly west of Parry Sound regional on the Southern shores of Blackstone Lake. I have flown in the area more than I have driven off road, it's a gorgeous area. Even more towards the west near Lake Huron the terrain becomes very rough and jagged, thousands of large, medium and small lakes dot the landscape for 100's of miles north and south. The terrain is very unforgiving and the best way to get around is by canoe or float plane. Everything is frozen right now, but theres always the sound of snowmobiles traversing the thousands of miles of trails in the general region. AWESOME! :)

I am looking forward to this more than any other OrbX title. Outstanding! :)

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I agree that this is a superb piece of work. I was looking at it, wondering who would have created it, until I reviewed all the pictures. I finally assumed it was Vlad, and I was right. I got Airdrie, and I will get this one too. Congratulations Vlad.

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