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ACTIVE unable to deactive tasmania demo, conflicts with REX4

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i downloaded the tasmania demo but i noticed that after loading it i get the FTX england runway textures at some runways rather than the rex4 textures. i uninstalled the demo as instructed in the pdf but when i reenable FTX england FTX central tries to put the tasmania files back into my scene library, how can i remove it for good alternatively if i purchase aus sp4 will the compatibility issue be fixed?  airports where i have noticed it happening are EGCC and EGNM

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Yesterday I downloaded the demo six times directly and got a corrupted download every time, then used a download manager and it went okay but after installing all of the FTX central was messed up, to solve that I downloaded the latest Librarie as adviced and that fixed it just to discover that Tasmania had trees all over the place where they didn't have to be and the rest of the world was a mess. Then I disabled the scenery in FTX central ( clicking "global" and apply ) and after that disabled all 6 entries from this in the FSX scenery librarie and then deleted them there. Then went to the ORBX folder and deleted the FTX_AU folder completely, then in the scripts folder deleted all entries that had AU in the name and then to the "user documents" folder ( inside ORBX folder ) and then to versions and deleted the FTX_AU Blue.txt something like that to. Opend FTX central and clicked on global and applied and then North America and applied and back to Global. then reinstalled the latest Librarie and everything was back to old. Quite a hassle to get rid of it, don't understand why somebody at ORBX doesn't bring the Tasmania demo up to todays standard, after all; it's ment to sell Ozzy stuff, not to scare possible customers away.

But I wouldn't be me if I gave up that easily so downloaded the whole demo again and installed it, installed the latest librarie again and found that you have to copy the Terrain.cfg from the ORBX/scripts/FTX central/ work folder and pkace that in the main FSX folder and let it overwrite the existing one ( after having that backed up offcourse ) and guess what; everything works like a breeze now, even the rest from the world. I hope this can help you to as it did for me and others.



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Hi mate,


I think a bit about these idiocracies and wonder: why not reinstall the airport which seems inappropriate? So I reinstall - it's fast - and everything returns to normal.


Also, I almost never uninstall a demo: Orbx System is self upgradeable - the newest files always override older - and everything is ok!



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