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Houston, we do not have a problem...


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... with incorporating the airport from the current sales into Global. It is so great we got rid of FSX´s default world - and I expect more to come with OpenLC !



Even the WoAI traffic fits perfectly:



As we all know this pilot had more trouble, documented in his communication with ATC Houston... (picture taken earlier this year):



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There must be a Gold Medal for ORBX this year too...and i have to say that John V have surprised me again.

I think the ORBx produckts & and visionarity will live long after i'm gone.


Oups...Beatyfull pictures there..


Yes mate a great set.




Fortunately there's no problems with your images! :)


Fantastic shots!


Great set, Gerold!



Great set Gerold.

Just imagine how dull things would be without ORBX.


Thanks for watching & commenting, mates. The Global package is a key for discovering.


Good to hear that your flight was without any problems!

Nice ones!



Impressive to see all original places of the Apollo 13 movie in Johnson Space Center (where the picture was taken), a place for big boys (and the kids, too).


Great shots, Gerold.

And, welcome to our part of the world. I can't tell you how many times I've departed from the terminal you parked at.

I agree with you about ORBX. It's amazing what you see each time you fly with their great scenery.




Nice shots Gerold. I hoped you liked Houston, best place I ever lived.


... and a special thanks to the locals. I am sure you have the 3rd party add-on already. Did you manage to get some AI traffic to terminals A and B?

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