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Today I received Sweden Design 2014 part 1 Final BETA for testing. I will try to work as fast as I can, but take no shortcuts. From what I have seen from my first flight it looks just super and blends in very good with the ORBX products AND P3D. It is not designed for FSX allthough it works.


I think we have a nice Christmas gift, from Sweden, to look forward to.  ::)  :-X



the Swede in Spain

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Yes, this is version 2.0 with NEW LC, Coastlines, Library files, updated airports and lots of fixes.  ::) This will really be a nice Christmnas gift for all Sweden fans. Have had 2-3 hrs with it now and it looks VERY good and blends in perfectly with P3D and ORBX sceneries. Works in FSX BUT I am NOT going to test it in that sim, as I have converted to P3D since long ago.  ::)



the Swede in Spain

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Im downloading  510MB right know  Link on FlightSim.com or => http://www.flightsim.se/fs/produkt/sweden-design-1/and it seems that its for Free.

Thanks a lot Jack




Install instructions:

For 1 LIB &4-1 to 5, in that order

For Effects : (FSX) Effects

For EURW &NAMW: (FSX) Scenery => EURW &NAMW



When you have installed everything you must run  FTX Vector configurator for ESMX växjö, 

or the altitude at ESMX Växjö, wont be valid.


More info at flightsim.se:



Hope my traslation is good and valid ::)

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Hi Jack. :-[

You are so right...its the FinalBeta ver. I have never used the term, V2 though.

Do You know what the price will be?






Nummer 1 av Sweden Design innehåller nio svenska flygplatser för Flight Simulator X och Prepar3D. Paketet utgör grunden för installation av hela Sweden Designs scenerier och flygplatser som kommer att komma senare.

I Sweden Design 1 finns ett allmänt library som efterhand blir förnyat och utvecklat. Utöver flygplatserna innehÃ¥ller paketet ett nytt Ã¥rstidssystem som ersätter det traditionella systemet  -  istället för att Ã¥terge Ã¥rstider som höst, vinter eller vÃ¥r har Sweden Design ett eget, mer nyanserat system där naturen ändrar sig efter Ã¥rets mÃ¥nader.

De månader som ingår i Sweden Design 1 är:

  • Januari
  • April
  • Maj
  • Juni
  • September
  • Oktober
  • November
  • December


De flygplatser som finns i Sweden Design 1 är:

  • ESML Landskrona
  • ESMF Fagerhult
  • ESMG Feringe
  • ESMX Växjö
  • ESGJ Jönköping
  • ESUH Myran-Härnösand
  • ESNK Kramfors
  • ESNV Vilhelmina
  • ESUP Pajala
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Just a tip for other users of this (in case you're a bit thick like me ;) )  ;

When installing you put all 8 'months' (seasons) into your scenery library...........

.........but you only 'activate' the current month!!

I tried the scenery at first, and as beautiful as it is, I had 6 FPS at most of the little airfields.    It didn't seems right, so I experimented a little and realised that I'd activated all 8 month seasons - so effectively, I was rendering 8 versions of each airport at a time in the sim, on top of eachother!!   :)

Once I deactivated all seasons apart from 'December' the airports became super frame rate friendly.   

This is a fantastic package, especialy for freeware.   8) 

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