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Test flights for couple of new liveries

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Having created a few repaints of my own, I know how much work is involved. So ... I'm always grateful for any liveries people do - especially if they're Oceania-related!


Here's Ethan Ward's stunning A2A C182 keeping an eye out for dope smugglers around Waiheke Island:




And one of Jankees Blom's brilliant Aussie repaints for the freeware C-47 (I love those prop textures!). Over a slightly dated Whenuapai:



DX10+Fixer ... back to standard NVI settings after my flirtation with DSR!



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What didn't you like about DSR?

On my mid to low range system, it didn't really do that much. Visually, maybe only 5% improvement. I think it maybe has a more dramatic effect on better systems (or larger monitors or HD TVs).

I got irritated by the side effects - the tiny menus and info boxes. I use OPUS for live weather and often need to be able to read temperatures, windspeeds etc. for programming the MCDU. I usually just popped in an out of windowed mode when I needed to do that. Simple enough, you'd have thought, but it got irritating.

It seems 90% of what I do in FSX is take screenshots, so the killer for me was that none of the visual enhancements of DSR get saved by the traditional "V" key method. Maybe the newer cards have a built-in screengrab function of their own, but mine doesn't (it doesn't support Shadowplay either).

That's not to say I don't think DSR is good (it is) - just not for me at the moment.


Very nice shots and aircrafts Adam, I am going to hire you as a repainter for my RJ100 fleet.... >:D

Hehe. I only just saw this after I replied to Olderndirt. I did a whole range of fictional Air New Zealand liveries for the full set: RJ75, RJ85, RJ100 - and their BAe equivalents. Not sure whether I want to go through all that again! :lol:. We could loan you the complete ANZ fleet!


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