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Sometimes the things do not go so well...


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Now this is whats know as an ugly scene



Correct. It did not feel too good.


Luck is that aircraft is quite maneuverable ... but ... the control of moto-propulsive group is not very accurate ... I mean: the quantum of throttle for deceleration / acceleration is not easily estimable ...

Btw: great shot: at the exact moment!


I agree, the throttle needs to be used more in advance than with most other planes - and I was too slow here. At least not for leaving the plane for a shot...


Well the pilot looks pretty calm.........



I did not notice that. Such a cool guy!


Perfect example of go round and do it again, great. Action shot


go around in the best sense of the words...  :wacko:


Should we BUMP this thread?  ::)

Or just hold tight..  :D  :D


Hahaha! But... I bumped it already ...  >:D


Unlike real life, there is always the ESCAPE key, Gerold!




In fact it helped, but a virtual crash still demotivates...  :blink:


Terrain! Pull! Up! Terrain! Pull! Up! ;)

Hope you got out of that one in good health?




No terrain warning here - and it wasn´t necessary either. But I went off the computer and grabbed a beer. Isn´t that a criterion for a "good" landing?


Nice one!



Great action shot Gerold!


Thanks for your great and encouraging comments, mates!

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There is an "OUCH" moment in progress. Something more than just a kiss on the Boo Boo!

I cringe at the thought!



Looks like another callout for the tow truck 8)




Indeed the tow-truck had some work. But in the meantime all is clear now for the next visitor (have fun there...)!

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