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Gold Coast to Sydney

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Outbound from Coolangatta


Gold Coast to YSSY


The Avro from Quality Wings has a great feature for long distance flying .

It can be configured to automatically pause at the Top of Descent if you are away from the computer .

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Great set mate..hell.. i thought you had stolen one of mine !!

Theres a great freeware OOL aIrport around...ive been using it for about a year.

Its by Max Krause..cant remember where exactly i got it from..but try OZx first and then maybe Flightsim.com

You use it in conjunction with some other freeware photo scenery by John Manara..which you can find at


Get it loaded up mate.... its really great and the fit with AUS SP4 is pretty damn good.

One problem is the windsock by the control tower is black with no textures and there is a novel written about it but no fix 

that i can see..drives me nutty !!


Cheers Stu

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Thank you Iain and Stu .

Kiwi Stu , I know you are a fan of the Avro series .

I have struggled with this aircraft initially but I have persevered with it .

I have found that it is unforgiving if you don't have the fuel weight ,approach and landing speed correct .

I love this aircraft for regional sectors globally . Hence I have many liveries .

The Air NZ and the QantasNZLink are spectacular when flying in" the land of the long white cloud ".

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