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Climbing out of Rome for a surprisingly short flight, ...



... already getting the Adriatic sea in sight, ...



... and the delta of Po river ...



... before we arrive at the famous city. Passengers on the right side do have the better view currently.



The touristic part for today is best covered with a chopper. From Tessera...



... following the bridge ...



... and the Canale Grande. A nice flight when you try to control speed and altitude for the maximum adrenaline rush of the Gondoliere ...  >:D .



Venice´s no 1 attraction: Piazza de Marco, with Campanile, Duomo e il Palazzo. When we stood there this summer it was raining, or - positively seen - not so crowded.



Canale Grande and the Ponte de Rialto.






The Venice add-on fits seamlessly into FTXG, what a pleasure. It would be fantastic  if all cities would offer that detail (but I fear too expensive for either me or for ORBX... ;D )

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You said well, mate! This Venice marries well with the Orbx sceneries! 
Everything here is very well placed: the sceneries and the machines! Fantastic!



Fine set these Gerold.



Thanks, Iain!


Excellent set Gerold.

Some amazing scenery depicted in your shots.

Some of my flights are short, but usually because I do something wrong!

At least there was nothing wrong here, I just felt the distance would be bigger...


You could have grabbed a cornetto off the guy in the gondala at that altitude :)

Indeed, ice-cream-flow is missing there.. 8)

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