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Very realistic Iain , thanks for posting these grand shots .





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Fantastic, very real....the only thing missing are the 10,000 of visitors that inhabit the valley.  I personally like this version, peaceful, quiet, no people.

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that looks amazing. i downloaded OrbxFTXYosemiteValley100.exe and run it. it looksed like it installed in FSX (steam version only)


when i look in sceanery i see FTX_AA_YOSEMITE checked


i go fly around yosemite and it looks all wrong (can't upload images but i posted them here http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?286720-tweeking-existing-sceanery-is-there-an-easy-way&p=1901393&posted=1#post1901393)


basically, el cap is sloping mountain, not vertical and half dome is all but gone. i tried unchecking FTX_AA_YOSEMITE to make sure it was picking it up and sure enough, i get the default back which has el cap and half dome the right basic shape but aweful textures


i also tried setting winter and got the same ugly thing with snow.


can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?


that was the only thing i downloaded from orbx, i didn't have orbx world of anything like that


thanks, steve

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