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ATC has room for improvement... ;-)


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I agree with you. Nice shot!


I'd say that is within a mile... :P  Nice shot!



Nice! Close call :) Obviously didnt see your dash 8


Perfect shot !!!


Nice shot.




Nice shot


Wow, now that's unusual. Kudos!


Haha, thanks for your comments!


Love it when this happens !


... I am not sure if I really love that...


Hm, die Spanier wieder ... It wouldn´t have happened with the DFS :D



No problem for such a experienced pilot like yourself Gerold . :blink::D



Sorry to say it was a problem: I was already slowing down not to find the runway blocked by the plane before me. The next one was close behind. And I was already fixed at 1500 ft to capture the glide path. No much flexibility in all 4 dimensions...  :wacko:

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Uh-oh. That is very close... The "funny" thing is incidents such as that were/are a common occurrence in areas like Los Angeles, they were just never covered by the media every-time one happened. Technology has improved though quite a bit and near misses are no where near as bad as they were during the 80's and 90's. Nice shot. :)

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