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Le coq est mort, il ne dera plus ...


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... cocodi, cocoda. If you see the German translation you know where the title of this post leads to: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Hahn_ist_tot_(Kanon)


Starting in the morning in hazy Girua...



... and following the best navigation aid here: The road to Kokoda.





At least there is some visibility at Kokoda valley:



Ah, this looks like an airstrip!



On short final after the 270° turn...



... and parked.





Once again with the newspaper, but surrounded by backpackers that seem to be willing to take the easy way across the mountains: By air. We will see if this really is an easy way... 



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Very nice indeed!


Lovely, especially since I'm a sucker for mist and semi-transparent clouds.

Great landscape too --- must be OpenLC EU...


Really a great set!


There is so much details to discover in PNG - really a nice bonus to AYPY airport. Bad luck for Tim: He knows it all and cannot be surprised...!

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