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Looking for a job in Girua


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From Mendi I crossed PNG´s central mountains, with rainforest up to nearly 11.000 ft...



... and made an intermediate stop in Wapenamanda, to read some newspapers and become updated.



Then I took the Southwest Air services to Madang...



... where another beautiful Twotter was waiting for me. OK, it is static...  :-



Thus I hired on the Air Niugini vintage plane ...



... took a view of Long Island, ...



... with Crater Lake ...



... before I crossed the mountains to Nadzab. Another nicely upgraded PNG airfield!



I was late in the day, so it was all rainy on the way to Girua. And of course I was not brave enough to fly southwards from here without visibility.



So I had to do something else for the rest of the day... :ph34r:



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Some cracking shots Gerold.




Love the tour, there is some very spectacular rugged country hidden in there. Very nicely captured, glad to see my mower in that last shot :)


... just like I love these small hidden gems!


Love it!!

Great shots, Awesome narrative!

Well done!


Great shots here Gerold. The aircraft and scenery is outstanding. Love the mower!




Great shots and narration Gerold! Thanks for posting.


Lovely flight, hope you had a beer after doing the grass


Thank you, mates. Moving the mower was a pain, think I try to focus more on flying...

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Nice shots, great to see the PNG repaints being used!


... I always try to find / use paints that fit to the country I am flying. And PNG has numerous good ones!


nice captures


Great set of shots. Love the 3rd one


Thanks for the great tour and shots Gerold !! .




Thanks, Mates!


Great shots Gerold and I enjoyed the adventure. Thank you.

Anton via Tapatalk


... more to come ...

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