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After receiving clearance in Tari ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/84825-you-have-clearance-my-post-4k/ )

I headed slowly eastwards, until the airstrip of Mendi came in sight:



Looked so interesting, that I had to change my plans and landed there. I was a bit confused while rolling on the runway: There were some cars from an open road between the runway and the apron...  :wacko: :



As a good German driver I did not wait for green traffic lights and crossed the street directly. But... who is checking the apron here?



But the panoramic view of the rainforest pays for every confusion. I think I just need a day off & a cold one...  8)



So great to discover the details Ken & Tim have hidden here!

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Great shots Gerold.




Beautiful shots and thank god no Barry Manilow!! :D:)


+1 - :lol: :lol: :lol:


Very nice thanx for sharing


Awesome shots! :smile:


Nice set :)


Thanks for watching, mates - and for not-posting the Barry Manilow-video here ;D !


Beautiful set of shots Gerold , great paint ::)  (Where can i get it from?)


Thanks Mikee, the paint is from Jeansy on OZx: 

I really like to use liveries that fit perfectly to the region I am flying in - like this. Always appreaciated to get such great work from the artists!

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