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From Hilversum with ... fun!


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After searching for Wolter at Hilversum and Almere (w/o success, he must have been at his computer answering support requests...), I left from Hilversum ...





... followed the railway line from Amersfoort via Apeldoorn, Deventer, Hengelo, Enschede, Bad Bentheim and Rheine to Osnabrück (the train connection is every 2 hrs, and arrives in Hannover at 13:18, 15:18 and so on - I use it every day...) ...



... to Porta Westfalica-Feldheim, surrounded by the Weser river and some flooding lakes.



The Porta itself. I see it from my office, but even with DEX the monument is missing (and that is a pain for me! : ): 



Anybody reading this who could add it to the virtual world?



My office building should be in an industrial area around these little harbours. The crossing waterways are correct, but the bridge is missing... ??? http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasserstra%C3%9Fenkreuz_Minden



Bueckeburg military airbase. Just next to "my" railway line. CH-53s are stationed here, waiting for their tours around my site  ;D .



Hannover, with the Niedersachsenstadion and the well-known-missing Maschsee.



Final towards 27L...



... and done!



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Thankx Gerold, for your info I live 15 km north of EHHV just on the edge of the water next to the A27 before the polder starts ;)


Looks like a great place for sailing or windsurfing where you live. I have placed a mark in Plan-G, and if you here me roaring above your house, do not forget to wave  8) !


Interesting flight and shots Gerold


Back home from the virtual tour, it is time to plan the next...

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Wonderful shots Gerold ::)


Gorgeous set indeed Gerold!

Beautiful colors!



Thanks for the tour of your home turf Gerold, some awesome shots :)


Great set of shots!


Thank you mates! It is a real pleasure to fly around home - but now I head off for more exotic places...  ::)

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