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... nearly. From Sylt, the northernmost point of Germany...





... crossing the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (Kiel Canal) at Rendsburg, one of the most frequented canals of the world - and home to the longest rowing race. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiel_Canal



Following the canal westwards...



... to the industrial area at Brunsbüttel, where the canal merges with the mouth of the Elbe river.



Down the river to Cuxhaven ("Alte Liebe, Kugelbake, hoi hoi hoi!"), where we see another crappy harbour texture...



... and over to the Bremerhaven container terminal.



Entering the lovely Weser river, towards the airfield Bremerhaven-Luneort.



But who has placed the windmills crosswind indicators so close to the runway ;D ?



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Fine set indeed Gerold.




Nice set. In my very humble opinion Germany and France need their own region specific products, they have very distinct features.


At least I have added the DEX landmarks, not to miss too many sights around.


Really great shots, I like the blueish aspect in those shots. And also this C208B


What an awesome set!

Nice job!


Wonderful set of shots Gerold!!


Verry nice set!


nice set


Thanks mates! At the time of that flight I was using REX "real" weather, which already gave the nice blue haze. 

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Looking really good 8)


Very very nice :)


Classy screens you have captured there.


Oustanding scenery and a great plane.

These are really great shots.




Thanks for your comments! Even if we do not enjoy a full fat region, flying around home with orbified landscape is great fun!

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