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Looking for Wolter...!


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Took off in Borkum, the westernmost of the East Frisian Islands ...





... heading over Ameland ...



... and Den Helder ...



... to Hoorn. Sure you know that the southern cape of the American continent was named after this nice old harbour city. Well, it was an open sea harbour before the Afsluitdijk was built. I was in Hoorn with a sailship about 30 years ago... time flies!





Then i crossed the west end of the Ijsselmeer towards Almere ...





... before I landed in Hilversum "International", hard work as this airfield only has short grass runways - so no screenies (but I survived  ;D ). Now Wolter must be somewhere here... perhaps I better check all the bars around...

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Smashing set of shots.




You're getting around in Europe Gerold! Beautiful shots from the Netherlands!


Wow - Grand set of shots Gerold !! .




Pretty shots Gerold. :)


Really nice set!


Excellent shots Gerold!!!!!!!!


Great looking set of shots Gerold!!


Thanks for watching & commenting, my friends!


Super set Gerold! Plane paint was a good choice too!!!



Great set Gerold, your Skymaster was a good choice considering the lovely clouds

Anton via Tapatalk


The choice of plane was easy: I searched for any appropriate livery on OZx before crossing the dutch border. That´s the result. Plus, I like the Skymaster...


rotflmao Gerold 8)



Cheers, Wolter!

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