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Hawaii tour part 5: Lanai to Kalaeloa


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With the beatiful weather in Lanai I could not believe the rescue call that came in: Some tourists got lost south of Oahu. So I had to fly from beautiful Lanai (another free ORBX airfield)...





... towards Oahu Island. Indeed the weather was much more serious there. Spotted the lost guys, got the coordinates to some coast guard boats and continued via Honolulu, Oahu ...



... and Pearl Harbour ...



... to Kalaeloa:





We simmers are always on duty when requested!

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Love it!

Keep these cool pics and storeys coming!

Enjoying very much!

Great shots, I like that plane too.

It is always a pleasure to follow the duty with this bird. Though it is slow and does not have a useful autopilot. But a great sound!


Great set and story.



Scenery & livery did the inspiration...


Great shots Gerold !


Thanks, mates!

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Very nice set



Great set and story Gerold.

Cannot beat that radial sound.

Oh yes, this sound is addictive.



Beautiful set Gerold!

Really enjoyed it!!


Thank you. There´ll be some more...


Nice set, love the landingshot!

At least I did not forget to make one this time!

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