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Does anyone know how these two compare?


I mean for example if one of them has more up to date traffic schedules, or is easier to manipulate etc.  What differences there would be in FSX/DX10 performance?


Any advice/information will be appreciated



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I use Ultimate Traffic 2 in fsx (dx10) and P3D. Its very easy on the frames (I run airlines at 80% and ga on 70%) and the models look good enough to enjoy some plane spotting. The last schedule release was summer/fall 2013 but with power pack (free add on) you could  manually keep your schedules up to date if you wanted to. The developer has gone missing according to Flight1 admins so future updates are anyones guess. I cant speak for my traffic but Im sure others here will chime in.

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I use my traffic 5.4c well what ever it is :).

All I can say is, it claims at 25-30% traffic setting it gives you the traffic as you would see IRL, so I set it to 30% and went to EGLL at around 9am, the airport was I would say 90% Full, so you don't need anymore than 30%,

I set it at 10% and still find that to be fine! same test as above about 40% full.

Fps are fine and I really like they have landing lights and beacons on when in the air.

Not used UT, so cannot say if it's better or not. But would not use another as I think the AI looks great.

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OK-thanks fellers.


I've had MTX for a long time and it has worked fine but I thought it might be time for a change.


However, I've decided to keep it and have updated it to 2012 schedules.  I suppose the 2013 ones will be available soon though.  They seem to become available about a year in arrears which isn't so bad I suppose.


Incidentally, I don't think the modelling in MTX could be bettered.


Thanks again for your comments.



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Hello John,

By MTX, do you mean My Traffic X?

I have a DVD My Traffic X, just now installed and it says its version number is 5.20

I imagine this is old and looking around the net for some way to up grade to a later version.

If MTX is the same program do you have a hint where I can go?



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