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Holiday preparation with ORBX


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We are coming to the situation that we can use our sceneries to precheck upcoming real life travel!


Monte Baldo, at the east coast of Lake Garda:



Riva, Torbole and Arco at the northern tip of the Lake:



Monte Brione, a remainder of the last ice age, between Torbole and Riva:



Malcesine to the left:



Torri del Benaco should be under the wing in the right part of the picture, this is where ...



... the ferry to Toscolano Maderno starts. Well, Toscolano should be covering the peninsula...



... just as Sirmione should be covering this thin peninsula in the south of the Lake:



Verona, at the banks of Etsch river. Again, it seems we are lacking a texture for "old medieval city",so the old town looks far too modern under the Legacy´s belly. BTW, I do not have a problem with missing landmarks or handplaced autogen - there must be a difference to a full-fat region, mustn´t it?






The Palazzo is there, but - again - the "medieval city" texture would be much better here.



OK, I will get you some comparison shots in holiday for the next ORBXLIBS update  ;D . But I have to point out, the general impression was fantastic to me!



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Thanks to all of you for wathcing & commenting!


I found geography boring in school!

It's not boring anymore, thank you for the post!


I always found geography interesting, and regardless of this difference we meet here to share interesting locations. Maybe school is not representative enough...  ::)


Your shots are fantastic Gerold! Yes, Italy is a concentrate of medieval buildings everywhere.... but a bit in all of Europe, it's so ancient! :)

Indeed there would not be medieval or 19th century building textures required for the classical Orbx regions AU, NZ, US - not even much in UK (despite castles and churches). Now, with openLC_EU we see the need...  :blink:


Great shots Gerold! I will be at Lake Garda (in Tremosine) from 9th to 14th of September in RL. Thanks for having a look at my (ans your) holiday destination!

We won´t meet there, Kasi: We´ll be at the east coast, and we´ll be back earlier (even though it is still some days to work before we go ... :- ).

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We won´t meet there, Kasi: We´ll be at the east coast, and we´ll be back earlier (even though it is still some days to work before we go ... :- ).


We are really looking forward to our holidays. We will be one week at the Chiemsee before we go to Gardasee (Wir machen eine "Seereise" ;)). Just three weeks to go!

Enjoy your holiday!

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