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ANNOUNCEMENT It's my 50th birthday, so let me give you a present today!

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Hello all, Today I turn 50 years old and to celebrate I am increasing the sale discount from 33% to 50% for the rest of my birthday only (until 10am AEST). The new 50% off prices are NOW LIVE! I

Thanks again everyone for your very generous support with your purchases! Believe it or not this benefits all our developers who gain a nice pay check from the sale

Happy Birthday John I hope you have a fantastic day my friend, And Thank you for everything you have done for us.. cheers Iain

Fully agree. And I wonder what discount John will offer when he reaches the 100 mark!

If I reach 100 I'll give everyone shares in Orbx :)

Thanks for your best wishes everyone, I'm enjoying a wonderful lunch at a marina with my family and friends :)

(Raises a glass of bourbon to all)

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Happy birthday, John,


and thank you. While I already own all regions, I added a number of airports to my collection. 


Keep the excellent work going.


Kind regards, Michael

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Thanks, and happy birthday John! I hope you have a great day. :)


I just purchased NA Gold USA Central Rocky Mountains, NA Blue Southern Alaska, NA Blue USA/Canada Northern Rocky Mountains, NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Fjords ... all at your 50% rate.  And then I purchased the newer NA Gold USA Northern California at the regular price.  So I now have all your FTX North American regions (I already had PNW) . . . and all 5 combined resulted in a 37% combined discount (4 at 50% + 1 at regular price).

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A happy birthday to you. Now I'll have to seriously extend my signature! I've still got funds for OpenLC Europe though, which is looking more and more magnificent by the week. A huge advance for sim flying and at a price that is amazing. Orbx making a real difference!

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Wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday John! :D

Thank you so much for the present! It should be us giving you presents! One thing we can always continue to give you is our sincerest thanks for creating Orbx, our on-going and continuous loyalty and pledge of support and appreciation of this wonderful brand of yours, and our best wishes for the continued and ever-growing long success of Orbxin the years ahead! Have a wonderful day and year ahead and thank you for everything!

I will certainly have a drink for you tonight! :D

Happy Birthday!


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