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Thank you chaps, And Thank you Gordon for making this fine piece of work for us all to enjoy its one fantastic place to fly around well done mate.



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Absolutely outstanding shots Iain, I've been taking off from this very special neglected airport (neglected developer wise) since FS 20002 when terrain mesh first started to become integrated into FSX easily. I am greatly looking forward to this. :)

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I can't get over just how precise Gordon and the team have gotten this airport detail wise. I'm looking at Iain's overhead screen-shots and comparing them to up to date aerial imagery of the same area around Squamish and the tree's/autogen, ground imagery and building positions are a bang on perfect match.

It would be fantastic if a few of our communities very talented artists could put together a livery package for the fixed wing aircraft and helicopters operated out of CYSE by Glacier Air. Here's their website for anyone that is interested:



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