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"Bye bye miss american pie"

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Global flight KL748 departing Los Angeles for London:


Ready for push back from Gate 101:


Engines running ready to roll:


The world at LA:




From Redbird goodbye LA:


From tower to Redbird, goodbye and safe journey:



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Nice shots but "Miss American Pie" was a good deal smaller with 3 fewer engines and a whole lot fewer seats. Her final flight lasted a lot shorter time than the song. She flew off into a cold & snowy night. I was too young to care much at the time but my sister Linda went into mourning for Buddy Holly & Ritchie Valens for weeks... I don't think she was quite so attached to The Big Bopper but I could be wrong.


Enjoyed your shots. :)

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Amazing. What an absolute handful those ATC fellas must have on a daily basis at LAX. It's an organized symphony of chaos, fantastic shots. :)

Pilot friend was taxiing on the parallel taxiway one night and said the final approach, out over the water, looked like landing lights clear to heaven.

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