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How to install ORBX-sceneries on other drive then C:\...\FSX ?

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By every installation of a complementary FTX-ORBX addition (Scenery-Airport-Etc), I can't choose another drive(HD or SSD) than the drive where FSX is installed. Since the beginning of FSX installation(on the default proposed C:\ drive) it becomes very crap and in shortess in capacity.

How can I use(or install) on my other (larger)HD's and still link the ORBX-FTX folders and files to the FSX-installation?

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If you wish to do this, by far the best way is to install the files into the default FSX or P3D\ORBX folder.

Then copy the folder to your preferred location and delete the original from the default location

Finally, use a symbolic link or junction to add the link to the folder back into the default FSX or P3D folder.


In this way, the files will be in a non-default location, as you wish to achieve but as the link is treated in the

same way as the files, FSX or P3D and most importantly FTX Central will operate exactly as



This link will provide the necessary software and a guide on what to do.


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Nicks suggestion is the best and easieast way, and  in Windows 7 you won't need an external junction tool, the win 7 command is 'mklink'

So after moving for example  c:\fsx to d:\fsx open a command window and type mklink /H /J c:\fsx d:\fsx

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