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Some heli-shots from around NZQN, NZMF, EGTF and EGSG

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Hell Everyone!

After a complete reinstall of FSX and real life keeping me away from simming, i finally had some little time again recently to go for some small hops with the Milviz Bell 407 - and while doing so i took some captures in between occasionally.

Now here we go!


... into a rather rainy day around Milford Sound





A slightly edited one here directly from NZMF



Around Queenstown and Glenorchy here now the other day



You want to come on board?





And once again with a little editing  applied



Back to the UK here, hovering around EGTF and EGSG





Hi folks:  Everything okay?!



Somewhere between Yin and Yang (with some SweetFX „bloom effect“ maxed out a bit)



Checking out the fire- and rescue station



… and on we move again



Asking again: Does anyone now want to come on board?



Well, anyways, back into the air and up there with the early morning sun



… to quickly check the time and appalled to see that Big Ben seems to be adjusted incorrectly … ;)




It was a great flight and i hope You enjoyed theses screenies here as much as i enjoyed hovering around!

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Thank You very much for Your great comments and replies!

Really appreciated!


Fantastic shots Christoph , some that really push the envelope . I do have to say , don't get to friendly with the sheep . ???:wub::lol:






The sheep did not want to get on board anyways, saying that my piloting skills were not sufficient! ;):lol:


Great shots especially from NZ. I like this chopper. Could be a bit more sensitive if one would ask me but great add on after all.

I am still rather a novice in helicopter flying, so my following comments here are only some mere personal experience based on some flights with this specific MZ407 heli here and the Cerasim 212 - but for whatever specific reason i like the 407 a bit more in regards to its handling. I must admit though that i used some HTR with the 212, which may have also caused some inconvinience so to speak.

So as for now my focus in regards to learning heliflying properly remains on the 407 here, but i am certainly going to check out the Cerasim 212 again as well, because i am most confident that this one sure is a nice heli too!

And sure:

I am eagerly awaiting the release of the already announced first patches for the 407!


Great shots and diversity in your set, the funny thing is that of all the places in the world, you and I had to go to Glenorchy within the same time frame. That's a very nice area indeed!

Indeed it is!


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