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The wet season arrives at north-west Australia

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Lots of clouds already over my starting point, Kurunurra:



A window to spot Lake Argyle diamond mine...



... while the Bungle Bungles are not visible at all (and I think they are not even modeled...).



Wolfe Creek Crater, just after entering West Australia´s airspace:



Season´s floodings in the North...:



First attempt to land in Fitzroy Crossing...



... but the airport is there...



OK, finally parked and shut down. With a beautiful view of the main terminal building.




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Great shots Gerold. Have you noticed that the woman on the right has three arms and the person in the middle four legs, three arms and two heads? :o

Indeed, all the persons in that OZx scenery are doubled. I had to wait for the least possible offense... These guys can obviously do 2 calls at a time (like Zaphod Beeblebrox)?

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Uuh, I forgot to say: "Thanks for your comments!" Let me do that now & herewith.


Grand set of shots.





Great shots here Gerold!



What a strange place your at Gerold, with all these genetic mutated people running around. Reminds me of the Burt Reynolds movie " Deliverance" :D  Great shots!!





Great captures Gerold!



Sweet shots!!

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