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John Venema

active How to Uninstall VECTOR

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Hello all,




Some folks have asked how to correctly uninstall VECTOR from their PC. The following was posted by Alex Goff and I have added further clarification by the PILOT'S guys:





1. Uncheck these from your scenery library:










2. Go to ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\ in your sim's root directory and delete the 5 FTX_VECTOR folders within (FTX_VECTOR_OBJ FTX_VECTOR_APT FTX_VECTOR_CVX FTX_VECTOR_EXX FTX_VECTOR_AEC)





3. Go to ORBX\Scripts and delete FTXConfigurator_VECTOR.exe & VECTOR_lib.cfg





4. Go to ORBX\User Documents\Versions and delete FTX_GLOBAL_VECTOR_PACK.txt





*If you can't uncheck the ORBX!VECTOR_AEC folder you'll need to go to your scenery.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX (P3D is located under "Lockheed Martin") , locate it's entry, and change "REQUIRED=TRUE" to "FALSE"





NOTE:  You don't have to delete the folders if only want to temporarily deactivate VECTOR.


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