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EGTF Fairoaks Airport, My final shots.

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Gorgeous Iain, needless to say  :smile:

Still loving that McLaren Tech Centre...Nice close up there  :smile:

A job well done by Andreas and Heiko!

Not long now :smile:

Good man! :D And have a wonderful Christmas sir!


Kind regards,


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Great work guys, I grew up not too far from EGTF, my brother gained his PPL there in a Tiger Moth and I flew with an Air Cadet pilot in an Auster from there a very long time ago, (some time last century)...  So I've been hanging out for this one, might even be an Xmas pressy to myself, (but how will I explain Global Vector) ? ::)

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(but how will I explain Global Vector) ? ::)

Blame the government. Call them taxes or fees, or some new social insurance thing that nobody full understands anyway.

That is my plan. : )

Was hoping this thing would get released over the weekend... maybe today....

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Same here... was hoping to buy all three in one transaction, but Vernonia is callin' my name.  Must...resist...  :D

I didn't figure Kenai would get done in time. That one snuck in under the radar a bit, did it not? But like you Bruce, I was hoping to grab Vernonia and FairOaks in one swipe.

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