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Introducing PAEN Kenai Municipal

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PAEN Kenai municipal airport is the second medium sized Orbx airport for the FTX SAK region, PAJN Juneau International was the first and with the arrival of Kenai, the southern Alaskan region now has two substantial bases that perfectly compliment each other.


Made using onsite photography of every building, courtesy of photo's specifically taken for this project by Kenai residents Evan and Jessica Veal. Not only the airport buildings but also nearby businesses faithfully recreated. the industrial, office and retail precincts around the airport contain all custom modeled buildings and 3D cars in car parks, the night lighting comes courtesy of the new FTX Global lighting system which provides far superior visuals and performance.


Kenai also features the new high density, high fps grass system as seen at Juneau, the airport control panel also comes with an option for DirectX 10 users, which enables a better DX10 experience.  


The area surrounding the airport has huge photo-real coverage, including miles of coast and river estuary, expansive forests and wetlands, industrial and residential areas.  


PAEN Kenai is now complete and in final testing, so expect to see it available in a matter of days.  




































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This looks super, super amazing Russ!


Will purchase this great looking airport package for sure as soon as it is available!

And fantastic news for DX10 users too!

Thank You very much for this fantastic work here!

Cheers, Christoph

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Hello Russ,

As always with your work, it looks just outstanding :D

I simply love that runway and I simply love those surroundings...the rivers, the estuary, the beaches! Wow! Just beautiful mate :D

Another job well done! Bring on the next one :smile:. No, just kidding, enjoy the holiday season first perhaps :lol:

On the list, already have most of your others...


Merry Christmas to you and thanks for your great work and contribution in the legendary year that has been 2013!


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I have flown in and out of this airport numerous times over the last 40 years. This appears to be spot on!


I love the details of the surrounding businesses, down to the rock facing on Ron's Rent-A-Center.  Thanks for another great product!

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Incredible pictures! This is a piece of art. Kudos to Evan and Jessica as well, as this project wouldn't be possible without their help!


And as Holger and the team are moving over to do Norway, you're very welcome to master some Norwegian airfields  8) I would sure be helpful with photographing!

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If they released one crap scenery, Todd, then we would all have to start actually reading the reviews and even pay attention to them. As it is, there is no buying decision (clearly we're buying them). There is only the question of scheduling and budgeting. Simpler this way.

Sorry, Russ I meant to check here and heap praise on you for sharing your masterful work with us -- hopefully you are not growing weary of hearing that from all of us. We love you buddy, have a super holiday, get some rest, reflect and enjoy, and we wish you all the best in 2014.

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 the airport control panel also comes with an option for DirectX 10 users, which enables a better DX10 experience.  




Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Russ.


Quick request, if this airport is final, can you (or someone testing it) post a seasonal shot of of what it looks like in winter?

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Awesome Job Russ, I have been greatly looking forward to this release and Squamish (CYSE) that you have been working hard on. As a dedicated bush pilot these airports drastically improve our flying experience in the FTX regions, thanks for your hard work.

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