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Up to the "Australian North", from Perth to Broome

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Hello Everyone!

Some shots, i took while i was trying to „replicate“ a real world flight provided by Qantas between Perth Intl., YPPH and Broome, YBRM in FSX.

I also tested the fuel- and flightplanning tool PFPX here extensively and after some first trials and errors and some time to configure it all properly, i am most positively surprised now to see how accurate this tool works.

So i really enjoyed undertaking these flights and with all those great ORBX and OZx sceneries below my wings it was a super great experience all the time.

I hope You now enjoy these shots as much as i enjoyed flying!

Cheers, Christoph


At the gate in Perth, a few minutes after the crew has entered the cockpit



… take off



… and turning northwards now



… passenger views





… and back to the cockpit











… the moon above us



… descending, final approach and landing















… deboarding (incluing GSX) completed



… and someone already waiting for the next flight



Only resized and cropped with REX Textures in use, OPUS weather engine, SweetFX and DX10


And at last, for us „flightsimming-nerds“ out here ;):

Three shots showing fuel and time as predicted/calculated by PFPX and in the sim then:

In flight (near waypoint WONYU as an example: Flighttime so far is one hour and the fuel by now is at approx. 6.4 – PFPX predicted one hour and eight minutes and a fuel of 6.2 … i consider this to be quite accurate)



... and now, just after shut down at YBRM:

Flighttime was 2:13 and the fuel remaining is 4.3 – just as calculated by PFPX!

This was the best flight for me so far where i used PFPX as well!

Sure, it's not always that close and sometimes the numbers differ a little bit - but(!) they always remain within a real tolerable margin of error so to speak and i am therefore overall really most positively surprised about how good flight- and fuelplanning can be done nowadays for flying in the sim!

As You can see: The cockpit after shutdown …



… and a quick photo from the printed PFPX OFP for this particular flight:



P.S.: I am still learning to get used to PFPX ... so if i did something wrong or have overseen something ... well ... won't happen again next time! ^_^

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Great views of the Perth area and the outback, Christoph.


Really a pity we can´t get a properly upgraded YPPH from our beloved dealer. But the Broome details compensate a little for that...


Flying heavier metal (from time to time) is fun - though needs some add-ons. Like your PFPX. What ATC are you using?

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Thank You all very much for Your comments!

Very much appreciated!

There are so many great sceneries, airplanes and tools available for us flightsimmers nowadays, that it is indeed a great joy to go flying, take some shots in between and then sharing some of the excitement and fun here!

And the greater to read then, when You great people here enjoy it all as well!

Thank You!

Cheers, Christoph


Well mate, you chose what is probably the most boring flight in Aus, and you made it work.. well done.. Teecee.


Hi Teecee!

... maybe we should start showing our most boring flights in the future rather than the most exciting ones!

Cheers, Christoph


That is a professional flight. Superb idea. All you needed and didn't get was that hot meal brought to you in the cockpit at mid flight... ;D

Hi Francois!

 I knew i had forgotten something :lol:

Cheers, Christoph


Good show Captain Christoph !!...may give some people courage to become passengers !! :)


Hi Alan!

Everyone is invited to come on board ...

And i will give my best to make the flight a smooth ride then ... just need to find some friendly weather and all should be fine ;)!

By the way: Cpt. Christoph - i like that ... i tink i'll have to tell my girlfriend that i have become a captain now :D!

Cheers, christoph

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Thank You very much for Your reply Richard!

Cheers, Christoph


A lovely set Christoph, I always enjoying checking out your shots. I particularly like the two set against the moon backdrop, the composition is excellent.

Thanks for posting, look forward to seeing some more.


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