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EGTF Fairoaks Airport - coming soon

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We are working now on final details and the seasons and are looking forward to release Fairoaks very soon. Until then i brought a couple more impressions, hope you enjoy :smile: .





















































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Looks superb to me. I like it when there is at least three kinds of shots to give me a good idea: one from above, to see what the airport looks like on approach, another one with some people on it so the airport is not lifeless and finally one with some proof of activity at this airport, which means other aircrafts parked. You'll see that those three items are not present in some of the airports for sale by Orbx (where you do not know what the airport looks like from above so I cannot make a decision to buy or not). On your set, everything is there and well presented, and again, it looks superb.

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Perhaps some kind soul could update the entries under


http://fullterrain.com/locations.html ?


EGTF and I think some more products to come soon are missing. I also missed an entry for Global Vector on the storefront which will be in our hands before LC Europe, as far as I understand.


Thanks and kind regards, Michael 

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Hi, this is my first post.


WOW Great Scenery!!!, l was only working there last week. it looks so real, (l walked in front of those hangers). 


Will have to get this, great job.





MacBook Pro 2012 i7-3820QM 2.7GHz NVIDA Geforce GT650M 16GB running Win 7 on bootcamp

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Once again the level of detail is superb, it will be certainly worth getting, these airport sceneries are what makes our flights so enjoyable, the realism is exactly what one would expect to see either on the ground or overhead, a top effort all round.




John MD

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How far from Londen? FSP wise. Several of the UK airports suffer from their being close to Londen. 


Edit darn it's part of greater London.... :-X


Perhaps an idea to develop airports away from the big cities. I'm not going to buy this, that's for sure and it's a shame because I really like the stuff I see on the screen shot's.. :-[

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Thanks again, Gentlemen :)


EGTF will come with an extensive control panel that you can adjust to your preference. The airfield itself has good performance.




Do you know if there will be a refueling point there? I mean, similar to default project.

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Are you using a 32 bit or 64 bit OS ? Last time i had a FSX OOM was a long time ago with Vista 32 bit.



I forgot to mention - we will also provide two additional AI which are flying pattern trips (a Baron and a C172). In case you are using a 3rd party traffic program or you don't want those, you can disable each one individually via the control panel :smile: .







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I am using Windows Home Premium 64bit, and I have the HighMemFix=1 statement in my fsx.cfg file. My problem is almost certainly because I like to run everything at maximum detail (apart from Water at Mid 2x). Let's face it, those people who enjoy ORBx airports are not in this game just for the IFR experience ;)

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