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On my way down the coast from Cairns, I ended a flight at a busy Hamilton Island http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67018-around-hamilton-island/ . Came there from Townsville...





... passed Magnetic Island ...



... the Haughton River estuary:



How could one put Abbott Pt. Coal facility into such a beautiful surrounding?



At least there is a natural reason why they put the Bowen Salt ponds where it is...:





Posted this pic before: The aborted final in Hamilton Island :wacko: :



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The question is how did you get to Hamilton ? . I will take a wild guess and say it was by a plane , but it could have been by boat too . :wacko:  :smile:

Another great set of shots Gerold .





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Great shots again Gerold and thanks for showing my hometown of Bowen.Our view from our house was over those saltponds

It must be amazing to see your home area in Fullterrain, or even in a screenshot. You lucky one!


Great set Gerold.

Some interesting POIs pointed out.

I regularly contribute to Careflight by ways of buying themed teddy bears for a family member who is a collector.

Careflight do a wonderful job through public subscriptions.


The credits have to go to Jankees, who has made this beautiful (advertising) paint job.

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