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(Caveat: This is my first ever upload of a P3D or FSX image, so please be gentle with me ^-^ )


Papua New Guinea - FSGenesis (worldwide76m mesh) gets it a bit wrong....




Then gets it right....




Then gets it wrong again .... ::)





[P3D with FTX GLOBAL, REX Clouds, Opus and a fire engine red Lionheart Quest Kodiak, all running on a crappy HP i5 system]



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Try the "AFM"-tool from PILOT'S and it should help to repair mesh-issues from FSGenesis.


What airfield is it (ICAO-Code)?


I will give it a try with AFM, but i need more information (see above).

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Welcome mate to the forum , your second shot is amazing . I use FSGenesis for USA and Canada and I really like the results . Occasionally I have to

use the AFM tool but not very often . I look forward to more of your screenies in the future .





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Thanks very much for your kind comments.


I've been thinking about buying the FSGlobal tool, but I'm kind of holding off on buying any more scenery type addons until Orbx comes out with their new product... Iceland might be here tomorrow :)


The airfield surrounded by elevated lakes is AYKW and the one at the bottom of a trench is WAJW.


I play FSEconomy and I'm ferrying my Kodiak from Oz up to Alaska and my Orbx regions, doing jobs on the way. I will probably never return to PNG or South East Asia, so the occasional geographic oddity I'll come across won't bother me too much.

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Hello all,


i tried to solve the issues with AFM and below You can see the results (they are all default scenery, just with FSGenesis and FTX Global)



near AYKW before AFM






after AFM  (it changes only a bit)






WAJW before AFM





and after using AFM





AFM didn't work very well at the first try (near AYKW)


but it worked very good at the second try (WAJW)

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