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My little copilot has control - again

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During a short round around Cairns my 12-year-old copilot took control again. She was fascinated by the scenery, ...





... but not by the ATC: She was forced to go around. However, going around helped us to discover this hockey field just south of rwy 15: Precisely made, already prepared with the additional circles for small field playing, and the club house just next to the pitch for a cold one after playing (or before, respectively). I wonder if you can ignore the umpires during heavy metal take-offs there  8) ...



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Nice pics! And I've wondered about those playing fields myself a couple of times... On the other hand - I stayed in the high-rise appartment block half way along the Esplanade a few years back, and I honestly can't remember being too bothered by the planes taking off - or landing. The choppers on the helipad of the hospital which was directly across the road were quite a bit louder. They must be using a heck of a lot of whisper-jets in Cairns ;)





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Super shots! I used to play hockey at a marine base. Wasn't so much a game as a free for all - every hour or so a Sea King or Lynx used to drop out of the sky and land alongside the pitch - great fun nonetheless! 

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