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Dang it's tough to manage a Jug on landing at this airstrip!  No matter which way I approach it, I lose sight......


How Green Was My Valley:




Harder to avoid flying into a mountain with a P-47 than you'd think!





The bridge. The bridge is a clue.  Plus my compass.  I think.




Oh well, not quite; at least there was a nice field nearby to bump down.  It's hard to regain speed and altitude when you're running low on fuel and your engine is at risk of overheating!




Time to stop in and ask the farmer's daughter for some pudding!






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Thanks all!

Seriously, the thing I love about a new ORBX airport is that all the detail is there to practice flying in the area at length. Bonner's Ferry is particularly fun as the elevations around the airport (brilliantly done, btw!) make learning the approaches a bit more challenging.

I really should have learned the runways of 65S1 better before risking going up in such a heavy tail-dragger, as it's really tricky to ascertain your approach without being able to either see "over the hood" (cowl) or have any modern instrumentation to navigate by (I consider using the shift-5 map cheating).

With the P-47 you can't either just duck down for a moment while on reasonable glide slope to look - you'll lose altitude and gain airspeed fast! - nor can you just approach from way high and hope to ever slow down enough not to run off the end of the runway. You have to really know the territory.

With a good, detailed airport like 65S1 you can learn to fly by the landmarks, which is a whole lot of fun and far more engaging than just chasing needles. I'll have much more of that to look forward to.

Plus, there's always the farmer's daughter waiting at the end. ;)

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