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FTX Global + openLC + Vector + Mesh Iceland Demo - 20 new shots!

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Hello all, 


We are a few days from beginning to test the amazing Iceland demo. This is running about a week behind schedule so we expect to release this early October now.


This demo contains the three FTXG layers plus FS Global 2010 mesh from PILOT'S:

  • FTX Global Base

  • FTX Global openLC EU (Iceland)

  • FTX Global VECTOR

  • FSGlobal 2010 Mesh

It also contains a photoreal area to cover much of Reyjkavic and BIRK Reykjavic Airport. Note that this is a little "bonus" in the demo so don't expect photoreal areas to be included in openLC :)


Onto the screenshots, and Emmsie will soon be showing his interpretation of this amazing country as well.











































If you can imagine the whole world at this level of beauty and detail, then by the end of 2015 we will get there. 


Things to notice in the screenshots:

  • Custom coastline textures

  • OSM roads with moving traffic for the whole country

  • Minimum disruption to urban/city LC textures because we filter out residential roads

  • Brand new custom textures for Iceland

  • OSM based landclass

  • Beautifull night lighting

  • 10m mesh from FSGlobal 2010

Also to provide the most simple mesh solution possible, PILOT'S will soon be releasing FSGlobal 2010 FTX Edition as a download from Flightsimstore.com - this is a compact worldwide mesh designed especially to work beautifully with FTX Global and openLC and VECTOR. Watch for this announcement on the PILOT'S website soon!

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Question JV. Will there be an option NOT to istall FSGlobal 2010 Mesh as I allready have ALL Pilots FSGlobal Ultimate Meshes installed? Seems a little bit odd to downgrade to FSGlobal 2010 again.



teh Swede in Spain




The mesh is part of the scenery files and it won't impact any other meshes you have installed.

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These are Epic screenshots. Thank you for the update.


In your description you said 10m mesh from FSGlobal 2010 and this is where I am getting confused. I have also FS Global the Ultimate series installed and in their manuals they say to set the mesh to 1m. Now what is the ideal setting 1m or 10m?

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Sorry for asking this if it's been asked before, and also sorry for mentioning another developers product here.

I currently have the Iceland X by Aerosoft, use it fairly often and quite enjoy it.

What is the difference and/or benefit to using FTX here instead of that?

I'm not fully aware of how mesh and land class works for FSX, so I'm not not sure which way to go here.

Again, sorry for mentioning another developers product, I know that's frowned upon.

I just don't want to be duplicating files in an alteady taxed and overworked PC system.

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"If you can imagine the whole world at this level of beauty and detail, then by the end of 2015 we will get there."


Wow! :smile:


As my main purpose for using FTX Global is for Africa, Asia and Latin America (areas where there'll be no FTX Regions most likely), to hear that it'll have this level of beauty all over the whole world within the next 2 years is just the news I was hoping for in justifying the Global series of products! Its metaphorical music to my ears! :smile:


These shots really do look pretty impressive, particularly Rekjavik and all the Vector detail (coastlines, rivers and roads all looking promising). To imagine that beauty in Non-FTX Regions is wonderful and sounds like the sim will be much more immersive all over compared with its current state, once the OpenLC and Vectors are released.


Great work JV and the very talented team. You've done a very good job in this Iceland demo! :smile:


Quick question, if I may. I didn't quite understand something above and wonder if you could clarify?


If we already invested in, own and have installed the current FS Global 2010, what do we need to do to achieve the optimum result as envisaged by Orbx? Buy the FS Global 2010 FTX version again for a full price or have I misunderstood in that its not the same whole mesh but for FTX at the same price we paid for the original FS Global mesh but it is a separate additional complimentary and supplementary product to install on top of our current FS Global 2010 mesh? If its the latter, great but if its the former, do you know if we will have to fork out all over again for FS Global 2010 just to have it optimised for FTX?


P.S.  Sorry for being a little dumb this afternoon and not quite understanding. Either way, I'm looking forward to the demo very much!




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:smile: Oh wow! That's great news! Thanks for such a quick and clear reply JV!


So I guess the airport elevation corrections will come in FTX Vector, not the mentioned mesh product above?! "Ready to go" sounds wonderful and just perfect!  :smile:


Thank you! Can't wait JV! Well done indeed on this! Seriously! :smile: This is sure to do as well as FTX Global, I'm sure!

Cheers again,


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WOW, looks astonishing! Can we use that demo on top of default FSX if we don't have FTX Global?

Yes you can. We are releasing a stand-alone demo for those who don't have FTXG, and a FTXG-ready demo which will slot Iceland into the openLC EU folder structure.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2

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Can I assume that FS Genesis Mesh will be just as good for the entire world as Pilot's Mesh? I ask because I want to avoid elevation issues at various airports.Thanks.


The pics look great!

=> http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/65429-ftx-global-openlc-vector-mesh-iceland-demo-20-new-shots/?p=597999 ;)

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Hi John, Thank you for wonderful shots

FTX Global get more attractive, gonna buy it soon.

However, this post makes me think about common mesh problem.

I heard FS Global 2010, Ultimate series have critical problems with default sceneries.

You know.. Airport elevation problems.. especially airports in mountain area.

Although FS Global gives a solution as Flattering Software, it isn't real solution.

It just flat more area, you can see hovering autogens, new niagara falls, canals near the airport..

My question is..

Will the new mesh product solve that problem?

or it will give the same solution as before?

Regard Winter

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I cannot comment on FSGlobal 2010 or Ultimate mesh products, you should field that question at the PILOT'S website. I doubt if the FTX Edition of FSGlobal 2010 will solve all the remote airport elevations to be honest, but I expect the majority of airports will work fine.

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If you already have FS Global 2010, Ultimate or recent FSGenesis mesh then you don't need to buy anything for FTX Global, you're all set.

A quick question if I may, Is the earlier version ( I am using FS Global 2008 ) ok or do I need to update ?


Cheers, Rick

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