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Welcome to Big Sky Country: Introducing Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

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G'day everyone,


Since completing work on Broome Intl, I have ventured back to the CRM to work on a new airport for this region; the first shots of which I am very happy to unveil today. Gallatin Field, or to use its official name Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, is the gateway to the city of Bozeman, Big Sky Ski Resort, southwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park.


Situated in the picturesque Gallatin Valley, Bozeman Intl has recently undergone significant expansion and is now the busiest airport in Montana by passenger movement. As well as being served by United, Horizon, Delta, Frontier and Allegiant Airlines, Bozeman is a major GA and Corporate destination, with over 250 aircraft based at the field (including 25 jets). With a 9000ft main runway, the airport is capable of taking all sizes of aircraft (including 747s and C-5s, as demonstrated during a Presidential visit in 2009) with ease, and is perfectly suited for short flights to Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone. Given that I expect both GA and tubeliner simmers will be keen to fly from this airport in high-end aircraft (737NG, Q400, 777, RJ70 etc), I have gone to considerable lengths in optimizing the scenery to ensure good performance on most setups. 


Outside of the airport perimeter, I have included a considerable area of scenery to explore – whether that be on approach in the NG or low-and-slow scouting in a 172. Within the coverage area are five “lite†private airstrips, all of which will be included in the package. With the help of Neil Hill, these five fields will represent a step up from the versions shipped with CRM, including all the usual goodies (PeopleFlow, StaticFlow, AnimalFlow etc), yet will not be 100% full-blown renditions in their own right.  Aside from a large PR coverage extending from the airport (which includes the town of Belgrade MT and the north-east corner outskirts of Bozeman), you will find the entire Bridger Ranges included. 


So whether you are looking for a GA base to explore the surrounding scenery, or a destination for your favourite airliner, Bozeman Intl will provide you with the perfect base for exploring this scenic part of CRM! 




- Ultra-detailed recreation of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN)

- Advanced rendering and ambient occlusion techniques

- Huge PR area at 30cm/1m, as well as custom ground poly at resolutions up to 2cm

- Covers the entire township of Belgrade and outlying areas, including numerous local landmarks and POI’s.

- Explore large areas surrounding KBZN, including the Bridger Mountain Range - all included in the coverage area.

- Detailed StaticFlow 2.0 aircraft uniquely created for KBZN, including the Montana State University Bobcats (Horizon) Q400

- Five “lite†strips included in the 1m coverage area – 4MT1, MT81, 9MT9, 9MT8, MT71. 

- Full suite of Flows implemented

- Highly optimized for performance - suitable with high-end aircraft (NGX, Q400, 777 etc)

- Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX CRM









Stay tuned for more updates and information! 



















































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Really great news!! This is exactly the kind of airports the FTX world needs in my eyes - something for (smaller) airliners AND for GA, well situated between the "edges" of the regions.


BTW, are there still plans for KELN in the future?

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