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A B200 in Australia and New Zealand

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Hello Everyone!

Rather little time for simming lately, but if i had some, i did spend quite an amount of it with Flight 1’s superb rendition of the B200 King Air.

I know: Glasscockpits are not everyone‘s top choice, but pragmatically spoken: They are more and more common in real life, so why shouldn’t theay appear in the sim as well?

And i am really impressed of the Flight 1 replica and overall consider this B200 the best currently available for FSX.

And it is indeed a great aircraft featuring a lot – even icing and failures!

I had to lower my autogen settings a bit  from time to time to gain stable performance, but other than that i can just say: For all it offers, this aircraft is a real smooth and stable add-on!

I took some snapshots from various flights which i had taken in New Zealand, but also Cairns, Townsville and the Cape York Peninsula (Weipa, Lockhart River…), Australia.

Everyone please enjoy!













... flying a VOR approach into Weipa following the DME-arc and into final then














New Zealand – at various flights from Nelson to Queenstown:









…checking some infos regarding the destination airport …



… icing …








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Good to see you shots Christoph , our R.L's do tend to dictate our sim time . These are all fantastic shots , I have the Carenado B200 and yours shots

and opinion make this model very tempting .





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Thank You very much Everyone for Your feedback and replies!

Really very much appreciated!

Thank You!

Great to read that You enjoy the screenies here!

Cheers, Christoph



Ouch! With all this C172/B777 madness, I'd forgotten that the B200 is so good! Many thanks!<br /><br />Adam.

Hi Adam!

I know what You mean.

I have the PMDG 777 in my FSX hangar, the A2A C172 will be purchased next, but the thing is:


I am sure i will use all these fantastic aircrafts for sure and have lots of great simming time with them ahead - but ... one after another :smile:

Regarding the Flight1 B200 in particular here though i can just say that i really like it very much!

As with any more complexe aircraft it takes a few attempts to get used to all its features and its systems - but overall rather sooner than later this plane really proofs to be a super reliable and versatile aircraft ad a great expension to everyone's personal flightsimming-hangar.

Certainly one of the best aircraft for medium and longer distance cross country flights.

I like it very much and i am happy to have it in my hangar now.

More and more liveries are also becomming available for it.

So if You are interested in the B200 KingAir i can really reommend You to give it a try - and Flight1 offers a 30 days or so refund!

Cheers, Christoph



Good to see you shots Christoph , our R.L's do tend to dictate our sim time . These are all fantastic shots , I have the Carenado B200 and yours shots

and opinion make this model very tempting .






Hi Brad!

As with any other good modelled FSX-aircraft it takes a bit of time to get used to it, but not too much - and once into it, this aircraft really offers a lot. It's fast, versatile and reliable.

It also performs well on my FSX set-up - may need to lower the some autogen sliders or so a bit, but other than that - great!

So if You want to fly a B200 in the sim - then in my opinion - this one is the best choice!

Cheers, Christoph

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