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NOTED CEF4 Airdrie SP1 strange texture tiles appear and vanish

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After installation of CEF4 Airdrie SP1 I have switched off the industrial lumber and clutter and have now better frame rates. Thanks for that possibility.

The canadian olympic park is a very good addition to the scenery.


What I noticed are brown texture tiles at the north end of the scenery, which do not fit to the color and the autogen. They appear when I come close and vanish later.

Here are three screenshots:






Is there something wrong with my installation?



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Hi Wolter,


thanks for your suggestion! I just tried this, but no change.

I noticed also that the plane shadow is now ok at the runway, but it is still not correct on the apron.


Cheers, Fritz

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Hi Fritz:

Could you kindly give me the coordinates? Can't see it on the screen shots.

The a/c shadow - I think this is a common problem with the polygon areas. Not much can be done there, I'm afraid...

Hi Vlad,

here are the coordinates of the second screenshot (the others are very close)

N 51° 18.02'  W 113°  57.53'


Cheers, Fritz

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Thanks, Fritz.

Your install is just fine. The knock-out for the roads / streets were done according to the Open street map, which depicts accurately the width of the roads. It is unfortunate that the various land class tiles are fighting for priority but that's FSX for you. I'll try and play with it later. Thanks again!

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