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FTX Global V1.1 Patch - improved lights

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Hello all,


We're still planning to release the FTXG V1.1 patch by the end of this month. Obviously the focus has been to improve the lighting system even further and we've improved the performance of the streetlights and vector lights even more, added intersection traffic lights and also neon lights and glows in the city areas. We have also changed the yellow glow to be a little more orange based on customer feedback. EDIT: No we did not, the light colours are unchange, my bad.


We have also been working on LC fixes for the USA SW areas, although these may not be 100% complete for V1.1


Here are some shots of the new improved lighting in V1.1 - even with a LOD of 4.5 you can see the lights much further into the distance and cities like Munich, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Denver, NY, Boston, Jakarta etc, look amazing at dusk, night and dawn!






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Thanks for being so proactive.  Personally, I think FSX Global is one totally fantastic product.  Is it perfect?  No.  But it is totally unrealistic for folks to expect this to look like real.  It is also unrealistic for you to expect to please 100% of your users.


I will look forward to the 1.1 fix, and also the SW greenish fix, although that really isn't a problem for me.  Also, a future uninstall option I think will go a long way to quiet a lot of the criticism I have seen.  Personally, I would never uninstall the Globlal product because it is so much better than what I had before.

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To John and the team,


Maybe I am easily pleased, who knows, but the more I fly around using FTX Global, the more I seem to enjoy it, I was spending some time this afternoon flying around Strausburg in Germany in the Antonov AN-22. and with all these new textures and scenery, it really imparts a whole new feel to flight and what one sees out of the window, so to speak, I have never been to Strausberg but it certainly looks the part, that's for sure, so any improvements on what we already now have will be a real bonus, there are certainly no complaints from this corner of the planet, it has made a huge difference to what we had in FSX default, and I can only see it getting better and better.




John MD

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Hello everyone ::)


First of all, I must also thank you so much for the continual improvements to the lighting system and textures JV and the on-going fine-tuning and improvements that continue with FTX Global. This really is very encouraging to see and Orbx is in a very select club when it comes to such professionalism and customer service. I am also very happy to read about all the improvements you have made above but the only one part from all that which brings me some legitimate concern is "We have also changed the yellow glow to be a little more orange based on customer feedback." I mean no disrespect by this at all, as I hope you know by now, and I will elaborate my personal feedback but first I should explain that I first came across this particular announcement on Airdaily X yesterday. As I scrolled through the reaction to this post about the lighting system being patched, all I found was a ridiculous attack on Orbx and JV on the most ridiculous OFF-TOPIC non-issues such as DX 10, uninstalling, Orbx in general and any other ignorant non-topic and off-issue but the current on-going improvement of the FTX Global lighting system. After seeing an on-topic but ridiculously and rudely phrased comment and DAndre trying to defend it on his own, rightly or wrongly, but in good faith I decided to at least take the opportunity to try and bring the discourse back onto the current topic of the post and my personal thoughts (as I totally do appreciate and respect lighting is physiologically a very complex and subjectively perceived phenomenon)...I posted the following response (copy & pasted from Airdaily X):


"SidAugust 24, 2013 at 4:41 PM

Personally, I welcome the update and improvements very much!

Though the chap above didn't express himself very constructively and also, though you are right DAndre about many cities, I personally really, really loved Orbx's own original interpretation of such lights in terms of colour/hue. They looked so special and characteristic of Orbx. Now the colour just reminds me of UTX, even if it can subjectively be argued to be more realistic of many cities.

The way Orbx originally imagined it just had such a fresh gorgeous look. Just cos some customers wanted them more orange, I wish they hadn't knee-jerked just cos many were silent because they loved the lights so much. I even started to fly at night more often, just to appreciate their originality.

Like I say, I personally do gratefully welcome all the other improvements with the lighting system but personally would beg JV humbly to slightly roll back to perhaps a compromise hue or something between the yellowish and orange (i.e. not quite such a deep orange), just enough for them to keep that unique Orbx colour/look about them and not just the same old boring UTX-like orange. An Orbx orange, not a deep UTX orange, I guess.

Please, please, please keep some originality and uniqueness of your own yellowy orange hue/colour JV! I beg you! Customers all have their own preference of hue but I've been following the forums and only a handful of people asked for this, suggesting many, many more were quiet because they simply loved your own colour and found them realistically immersive and so beautiful. I'm almost scared of patching to lose the colour of those lights and I was even just about to buy a second copy of FTX Global for another sim just cos of those gorgeous lights. Please, please, please compromise on the colour of the orange in the final patch so the majority can be content, unless there's a way of adding a control option to FTX Central or something to offer some basic choice of yellow/orange coloured lights? That's just my personal feedback only which I simply hadn't previously given because I found the light colours so perfect and therefore had no need to but now...I guess I need to. Please don't 'knee-jerk' too hard, if its possible...by all means, try to cater for all by a compromise though.

But all that constructively and humbly said, thank you very much Orbx for continuing to work on improving FTX Global further and continuously the way you do!
" ::)


JV, as I say, I had not realised you were looking for feedback on the lighting as I had only seen a few who really stated theirs that they didn't like them. I had, on the contrary, seen many who expressed loving the lights in response to your "We've nailed the 3D lighting system" post. As I say, because I loved them, I did not feel the need to feedback any personal issue but, as you can see, in my post, I have now expressed my positive feedback on the released FTX Global original lighting colour temperature/hue. I am not a person who makes cheap shots or expresses any non-legitimate non-issues...my concerns are real...I just have a few personal feedback concise comments and some legitimate questions, if I may?

And I will express them in list form just for consideration in the debate/decision-making but I will totally respect your decisions as they are yours, however these are only truly meant to be and should be taken as constructive, supportive and only just one person's/customer's opinion/additions/offerings to the debate: PLEASE NOTE THEY ONLY CONCERN THE COLOUR TEMPERATURE ONLY AND SPECIFICALLY, NOT THE OTHER FANTASTIC AND WELCOME MARVELLOUS IMPROVEMENTS/CHANGES TO THE LIGHTING SYSTEM AS A WHOLE.


  • I love FTX Global and I love the original and intended Orbx imagination of lighting colours, as it is with the textures in general. Half the reason I bought it was the screenshots of the special lighting which looked so Orbx and a breath of fresh air and distinction in the 'simulator' as well as a sense of depth and immersion of being somewhere new.
  • I appreciate every customer will have their own preference/feedback and their exact preference would vary from person to person and I'd welcome their various thoughts on fine-tuning the colour they desire, but in reality, it would be in a range between white to light yellow to current yellow-orange to proposed/shown deep orange, not a simple 'black or white issue' i.e. a simple yellow or orange matter.
  • I appreciate this may still be a 'work in progress' still being fine-tuned not quite ready for final release. May I ask if that is currently the case JV?
  • I am worried that it may or may not be a mistake to change things too much and there may possibly be a danger of over-fiddling, which can become very easy to lose oneself in (I've personally done that more than once).
  • Because of that risk, I wonder, will there be any measures taken so that the changes to the colour alone could be reversed/changed again/further fine-tuned based upon further feedback?
  • Because the precise colour of choice would vary for each person, Is there any chance of some sort of 'compromise colour' between the original FTXG lights and the currently displayed status or of requesting a wider customer feedback if that is the way to go on this? I feel a compromise colour would be the best solution, which would be just to have a little of the yellow added to that deep orange, and the perhaps the white spots as mentioned elsewhere.
  • I know that one or two people have posted videos but the person who mentioned white balance is very correct when he talks about cameras and others could easily post videos with the compromise of a yellowish-orange as opposed to such a deep orange.
  • Alternatively, could it be considered for in the future, that some sort of choice to the colour temperature (like in the current FTX Region packs) but a much simpler utility (perhaps just 2 tick-boxes or something integrated into FTX Central, just offering a basic choice between a yellow-orange 'compromise colour' or the currently displayed proposed purer orange colour, could be offered?
  • Personal question: I am trying to decide whether to buy a second copy of FTX Global for one of my other sims where I want to get rid of UTX/GEX only because I much prefer Orbx's more immersive FTX Global lights colours if they can have some difference in their colour as they are now but not the same pure orange as UTX. If I was to buy, and the colour was to stay as is currently displayed, could one safely skip this patch and move onto the next patch without losing anything and keeping the original FTX Global colour?
  • Minor potential point to consider for future-friendliness of light temperature. As lights modernise, more and more variation will be seen in colour temperature and there are parts of the world this has already begun to happen. Many modern lights (including LED-based street lights but not exclusively) have a higher colour temperature and so are lighter in colour and less deep orange. This is the general direction things will go.
  • Will changing the colour this much make them blend less well with the current gorgeous colours of the FTX region lights at boundaries and make things feel less unified?

I am so sorry for such a long post. Believe me I really did not wish to spend such a long time but if nothing else, I hope it shows I really am not trying to be deliberately critical for no reason whatsoever, but that it is something I thought was finalised on purchase day and that my feedback is real, does care about FTX Global as a very important and invaluable product for flight-simmers, and

that this is an important issue for my immersive experience and enjoyment personally, though I appreciate many may find I am being pedantic. I would humbly assure you, I am not and do not wish to be, and I would imagine this thread would not even exist if no-one cared about the lighting colours. Nor am I selfish, just offering my personal thoughts and feedback towards the final result, which Orbx will ultimately obviously choose. I only wish it to be expressed, known and considered but whatever the community is happy with is most definitely good enough for me in the end. That's after all part of what a community is, isn't it?!  :smile:   


So please don't anyone wrongly read any kind of arrogance, selfishness or ignorance into this stupidly long post...I really do not have any intention of that in just expressing my concerns and hopes on the future of the lighting. As I say, I simply can't wait for the overall other improvements to the lighting system such as the neon lights, the splashes, the greater distances etc. These elements in the above screenshots look awesome and sound so damn impressive. I just wish there could either be a 'compromise' colour or some really basic choice. Of course, perhaps others could find an even better solution and I would love to see what the general consensus is anyway. I'm certain many would like them this orange...and I may well be alone in wanting just a tiny bit more yellow put back in. I personally would like a yellowish-orange which says Orbx all over it, looks fresh, distinctive and unique yet immersive and real, and different enough from any other product at the same time. Not a tall order there really, eh?? :lol: :lol:  :lol:   Lol! Just kidding. I'll get on with it so I can finish as quickly as possible.


Once again, I'm really sorry all for such a stupidly long post but this is the only opportunity before all is finalised and this one particular issue (for I do as much dawn, dusk and night flying as I do in the daytime) is obviously important enough for me to be so stupid in having to say so much. I don't know if it matters to others (probably not this much)? But it would be nice to hear more various thoughts (of course, even all those who disagree or don't like them as they are or with a little less drastic change) from what others think about the right colour since the topic is currently being looked at by the guys. After all, it could just be the screenshots and I might even love it in the sim. Just would be good to know, if some didn't they could go back to the original colour from release day but keep the other new improvements, at least.


Thank you JV for all these major changes and improvements to the lighting system...I know they are going to be as awesome in the final result as FTX Global already is! :D  :D  :D  And I do love it so damn much and would not want to be without such a game-changing add-on. Oh, that reminds me...Can I just check, am I allowed to purchase more than one copy of FTX Global so that I may put it into a second sim? I know it might sound like a stupid question but there could be something or some rule I have not thought of or am not aware of. So just checking!? Don't worry, I won't be making posts this ridiculously long in general. This was just one passionate issue. Thank you for bearing with it guys and I really am sorry for the length again! If you do reply JV, any simple thoughts, answers, decisions (even just a couple of lines would be more than fine) on any of the above questions you can give answers to at this stage only to help out would be really sincerely appreciated. I am in it for the long game and don’t get me wrong please, those screenshots really do look awesome in more ways than I can say! Thanks again,


Sid (a more recent but loyal Orbx customer and Supporter) :smile: :smile:  :smile:  

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sounds great and i am looking forward to the long awaited update 1.1. will be fixed also with this patch the already known problem with the black dotted lights during daytime under directx 10 ?


would be greatto get any information regarding this topic.


thanks a lot.

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@Sid, I have to award you the longest most (dare I say it) obsessive post in our forum's history!  :P 


The fact is, we did not change the colour of the lights at all, that was an assumption and mistake on my part based on email exchanges, and I have edited my original post. Sorry to make you write such an essay over a non-issue.  I continue to be amazed at the placebo effect, even from screenshots. 


A tip for the future Sid: I admire your spirit and loyalty, but relax a little ok? Go out and walk the dog or something, hehe! :)

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Reminds meof the Christmas parody of 12 days of Christmas " What about the lights, one oes out they all do ". Just downloaded FTX Global to get me back into the swing of things after 3 years off and on. I won't have issues with lights!

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JV, apologies if you have answered this before, as I know it's something you're working on. I notice you are revising some of the desert areas of the US, but will the European landclass release include corrections to the areas in Europe such as Greece and Spain where there is an overuse of green textures rather than the mountainous and rocky textures normally associated with these areas. As I say, you may have answered this, so apologies if I'm going over old territory.

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John, thanks so much for putting so much effort into the lighting system! I can't wait to see how the new improved lighting will look since I love to fly during dusk, dawn and night times. The option to allow the use to customize the lights even further is great for those of us who want to customize the lighting even further. Hope it gets released soon.

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Man I am stoked for this! First we see the uninstaller (emotional insurance and likely the most un-used add on in history) and now the lights get a rework and some LC fixes included! When the airport packs and OpenLC for NA arrive I'll have tingles. While ORBX Regions are still the bomb and unmatched, this gets everything else very close.


FSX+REX+FTXG+OpenLC+DX10 Fixer might just be FSX11.


If ORBX does Vector as well... I'll eat my eyebrows.



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