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I have the vector roadlights disabled to time to see how it looks without.
Then I turned it back on Central and FSX started but now they are no longer there?
Why is that?
Would you have any advice, I have nothing installed airports and FTX Global.
Thank you.


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suppose there is a small bug wibei not necessarily something that should happen in a great addon! on my system it can not be, since I changed nothing! Thanks for the help!

Best Regards


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Sorry my mistake,


with FTX Global alone there is no hybrid mode,

so please untick the marks from ORBX Trees and Vector Road Lights and Hit Apply, then activate the ORBX Trees and the Vctor road Lights again and hit Apply again,

close FTX Central and fire uo fsX select a time at night and your night lights should be there again.

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everything already tried that are not there anymore Vector Road Lights!
That's the problem right there, and I suspect the bug.
I would probably refreshen so many Mr Venema said that but you can only if you have other Orbx products.
Now since your turn :-)

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