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Warning - Friends of a hoax email [Not a hoax]

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Good Day All,


Please be aware of this hoax email I just received through my email account. Please see below attached email content that I received.


OZx Official Forum Email : Very Important Information, Please Read

FROM OZx Forum TO You


FromOZx Forum   Tojerry_ebe777


Dear jerry_ebe777, I realise I asked you in May for a donation towards future bills of OZx and the response was amazing, the money collected from that will be able to pay for addons and the new server as it was needed but, there is a problem. Unfortunately I have lost my well paying job with a major IT company due to outsourcing, I and so many others with me were out on the street in less than 30 minutes on August 7th, 2013. I always have paid the main monthly fee for the high end server OZx runs on out of my own pocket but I cannot afford to do that as of next month, so rather than cutting it fine asking the community to help me out here just before money runs out, I am doing it early so I can guarantee OZx's future. This fee is $310USD and it will be unaffordable for me next month to be able to pay that. Even if you have a few bucks to spare, follow the link below to donate: http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=1332 That link will take you to the flightsimstore.com which is the site that takes care of all donations for OZx. I feel very awkward asking you for help but as said, to guarantee future operations of OZx it is a necessity. All money will remain in the account for use on OZx bills and costs for future purposes. That way I do not need to worry about OZx while I am looking for a new job Thank you for your attention to this email. If you feel this was a spam attempt, be assured it is not. With warm regards, Jay Kae OZx Admin


Hopefully this information is helpfull.

Kind Regards,


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He has kept that site alive for all of us to enjoy.


If he got 1 cent from every download made from that place it would be listed on the Stock Exchange.


Thanks Jay Kae


BTW: If anyone is doubtful, donations throught FSS to OZx are just fine.

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Folks, OZx is a huge resource.  JK should not be having to shoulder that burden himself at any time, and especially not right now.  Let's pick this guy up. 


If you are like me so you are now so accustomed to going onto FSS and sending $20-25 to ORBX on a regular basis, that this somehow seemed quite natural.  It is worth that just for a couple of Ant's airports. 

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I agree with all the above.  I've chucked in another $50:00 to help. Jay should not have to

fork out out of his own pocket, especially when the chips are down. Thanks for the years

of exceptional service Jay.... hope you'll be back on your feet soon.




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I never for one second thought it might be a hoax, guess I'm just gullible :D


The link took me to the correct page, so I too bought a few shares in the company ;)


I sincerely hope you can gather enough funds to keep things going. With everyone pulling together it should be an easy enough task.

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