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Gosh, you're good with that 'v' key Emmsie. And quick too. Every single shot here looks fabulous...Thanks mate! :smile: Loving the Central and Latin American onslaught! :D The textures do look spot on here.

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Totally agree, the default FSX Andes region looks like a brown-yellowish desert, these textures are a lot more realistic. I've been to Ecuador in January and I`m curious how the region will look in FTX Global with a decent mesh and the Scenery Tech South America landclass.

One question to Iain though - do you know if there will be any compatibility issues with FTX Global and the Boris Ferrero Quito X Airport Scenery? As far as I know the latter introduces some new buildings and park areas in the Quito city centre and also makes slight adjustements to the landclass in the vicinity like the Cotopaxi volcano etc. So will there be any problems other than maybe some color differences?





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