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Hello Everyone!

I am in the urgent need of more space on my PC, so i have to delete some rather outdated files, including quite lots of screenshots i have been taking over the last couple of months within FSX. But before deleting them all, i arranged a small portfolio of – well – "leftovers" ... mainly airliner shots, but not exclusively.

So… Here we go:

The first part focuses on the fantastic PMDG NGX, the second part focuses on the also fantastic, but certainly different to fly, Majestic Q400 and the very final part offers two shots from FTX England and without an airliner in use.

All these shots are – if not otherwise mentioned – just resized and cropped, using various ENB mods and various REX textures together with either OPUS or FS Global Real Weather as the weatherengine in the background.

Everyone, please enjoy!

Cheers, Christoph


Taking off into a late summer sky from Launceston on a flight to Melbourne



… a nice sky on descend



… one from YBBN prior to flying into the night



… three shots from Alaska now: Two at PAKT and one enroute between PANC and PAJN







… finally: Three slightly edited shots back in from Australia now again







… the Majestic Q400 on the run now

Taking off from Missoula if i recall correctly and into a friendly sky  …



… via ILS into KPDX …



… visual into Wrangell …



… cockpit …



…  some icing …



… Ground Power …



And now:

Two shots from England:



… EGHA on a very early morning – what a super fine little GA airfield




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Thank You very much Everyone for taking the time and offering some feedbeak and all Your kind comments!

Very much appreciated!

It is great to read, that You have enjoyed these shots here!

Cheers, Christoph

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Left overs haha !!!.... these must be your competition shots !


Some of the nicest tube shots I have seen in a while Christoph , not joking . You should post more often



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