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From CDA to River Bend - slowly heading north...

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When heading northeast from Coeur d´Alene, ORBX surprised me with a fun park near Silverwood. Shortly after my daughter told me she had been to this park in reality - that is what I love in the fullterrain experience!





Heading further NE, to a fantastic view over Lake Pend Oreille...



... with a short break in Glengary.



Then a short turn easterly to Clark Fork river. The valley looks great, with a significant number of small airfields. Should be worth some trips...



... but I headed back before crossing the border to Montana. Clark Fork city just below...



... and back to Lake Pend Oreille. Memaloose Island (the bigger one directly below me), Warren Island in front of it. And East Hope Water airstrip left (north) of the isles.



Heading to Schweitzer Ski area. At least there is no snow in summer, but the clouds are already sufficient. I wonder if there is people flow on it in hard winter ...  ;D



A slight turn over Cavanaugh bay - another water landing option.



The Forestry Cutblocks south of Coolin. First I thought this was a bug to report (that´s why I put the coordinates on), but google earth proves the FTX work is (again) correct. Chapeau!



Turning west over the city of Priest River, to follow the Pend Oreille river:






... and finally taking rest in River Bend, preparing to cross the Canadian border.



Hope you enjoy the tour!

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Really enjoyed this trip, keep 'em coming!



Cracking shots indeed.





Fantastic! I have to fly this trip again to enjoy the scenery!





Thanks Gerold for taking on this splendid journey . Fantastic shots as usual , thanks for posting these .




Great tour Gerold!!!! Your pictures were good and I enjoyed your comments.



Fantastic set Gerold, I enjoyed the trip !!





Brilliant set Gerold.


Stunning colours on a clear sunny day.



Great tour and beautiful shots Gerold. Enjoyed the pics a lot. Thanks for posting!


Thanks for your comments - now that I am back from holiday, I can go on flying & posting here!

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