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FTX NA CBB7 Tipella BC, Canada.

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The logging camp at Tipella has a long and checkered history. Interest in the area has waxed and waned for over a century and the area has seen many changes. Since it was first carved out of the brush and trees, the airstrip has operated in various states of repair and dis-repair for a few decades.

This is a fine piece of work by Gordon Madison.



































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Really appreciated all your work on this Gordon, looks fantastic! Welcome aboard ::)

You can always count on lian to do a great job showcasing your work!!




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Beauty shots Iain. This is going to be a fun strip! I'm going fishing on Harrison lake again this weekend. Ill have to take some pics for comparison. We also do a lot of off-roading up near pemberton just north of Tipella.

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Thanks all for the generous acknowledgements. I'm burning the candle to get this one out to you although I must admit to taking a few laps around the place in the new Staggerwing...unbelievable. Your comments provide the inspiration to work the long hours on this project. Trust me gentlemen, and ladies if you're out there, the wait will be worth it.


Fritz, we're looking very closely at FPS to find a balance of beauty and performance. I trust that you will be well pleased.


Back to work...

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This place is brutal, 5 x go-arounds in a row last night.... I kept approaching too fast :footmouth:

To quote Douglas Adams...."Don't Panic" :blink:


For all who have noted Tim's comment...I have included a detailed primer with Tipella CBB7 detailing the best methods to approach. The place is definitely brutal and most will have a few hot passes before getting it right. I'll have a pint for anyone who can confirm a successful first go at Tipella 29. Approaching from the North into 11 is no better, the trees there are quite disturbing the first time in. Short final finds you wedged between two mountains, skimming high tension power lines, well below treeline and looking very narrow. I worked from  high res photos provided to me by "High Iron" and he should know, he flew the place for a few years. The tree heights and placements are hyper accurate...this place is that scary.

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Gordon, I'm not allowed to claim a pint from you, since I landed on rwy 11 on the first pass, 2  years ago, with the Twin Otter (no glory, the Twin lands everywhere). Here is what I wrote in my log (I keep things written for the places I like the most). " From CBQ2 to Tipella (CBB7). Rwy 11-29 gravel 2300 ft. Will have to manoeuver a bit in the mountains. Take off from CBQ2 and immediately over water. Very beautiful. I can see the mountains far away. Fantastic view final 11. The hardest short landing to this day. Arriving from the valley, must climb at the last minute over a mountain, do a 270 degree tight left turn, without going down, then full descent with engine cut and full flaps. Sideslip on final. Wind calm. Extremely beautiful area. The runway is really something. This flight is a nice surprise". It tells the story. I still remember the emotions on that one!! I have yet to try runway 29, but this time it will be with your scenery.

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When I first learned to fly we would take the J-3 out of Meadowlark in Huntington Beach, CA. It's gone now...I think it's a Home Depot or some horrific development.

The ocean winds were always strong and at times the Cub would just hover over the runway. Approaches required watching telephone wires on short final then a little sideslip to the tarmac.


Your log entry defines Tipella beautifully. I fell in love with the place when it was just a square patch of green in FSX. If I had a magic lamp I would request a right seat spot in the Otter for just one shot at the real place.


I've attempted to make the entire Tipella experience as demanding and exhilarating as possible. There are all of the inherent challenges of an approach in terrain, but short final won't be easy on you. You'll enjoy it.

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Man, it looks just as rugged, rough and tough as some of the real world images show it as being... You guys might want to "easter egg" a Sasquatch somewhere in this release, it looks like prime Sasquatch country, lol. I'll definaltey be picking this one up. :)

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I thought I would share the latest photo shoot with everyone. This is the Tipella you will see when the package is released. I've worked with detailed information, both photo and from actual pilot logs to construct the terrain surrounding the airstrip in it's terrifying grandeur.

These screens illustrate the proximity of the 150' trees lining both sides and the ends of the runway. This place is super challenging for the most seasoned bush pilots.


ORBX freeware release of CBB7 will feature all of the extras you would expect from any ORBX release. "Flow" will be at the heart of the experience. The activity surrounding the airport will vary depending on time of day, and of course the seasonal changes are receiving special attention.


Constructing this project has been both a pleasure and challenge. Construction is complete and I'm working on the final code instructions that will bring the airstrip and camp to life. The team has tested rigorously and we have proven good performance across the board. You will be able to experience the beauty and challenge of this extraordinary location without sacrificing performance.


What is it like to fly Tipella? To quote one of the seasoned staff..."This place is brutal."


The "Corridor"
















un-retouched screens from FSX

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That approach does look pretty nuts Gordon, even in a little weather. That's a wonderful post to read...sounds like this little beauty 'll be full of atmosphere and life...love the little details like the varying flow as per time of day...dynamic flow. ^-^ . No but seriously, well done indeed mate in your first Orbx project. A baby you can call your own and be justly proud of. And we'll all surely be admiring it from all angles by the look of all the previews we've seen so far. Nice one. I guess its not far off now. Can't wait. Thank you for all the effort and happy to hear you enjoyed the challenge...that attitude says Orbx all over it.

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