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The finale (where 15 aircrafts try to squeeze in at Airdrie)

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Hi everyone,


This is my final post for the preparation of the Airshow at Airdrie. Thanks for your patience. It needed to be done. We are now at the moment where all the pilots are coming or already arrived at Airdrie, before the annual airshow. Some are practicing, others are parking for display, one his hitting some birds inadvertantly.



With the Canadian government looking to eventually buy some drones, the makers of the RQ4 are sending one across the Rockies toward Airdrie, as it is know that some politician could be around to watch the show.






Lockheed Martin has heard about the possible presence of a competitor in Airdrie, so an F35 is dispatched toward the Airshow, just to be seen by the Press.






Early in the morning, the training has already started. Some will have to rethink the area where they come in for a low pass.






Air Canada has sent an Embraer as display for visitors who would like to see the cockpit and sit in the captain's seat.






The first rescue helicopter is just landing, for quick intervention if ever needed.






Zooming by, while no one else is over the airport. Everyone has its slot time for practice.






Another one, checking the spots where he will have to turn abruptly to the left.






Canadian North has made an exceptional effort to come back from the past, and is parking to be visited by the crowd.






An A320 is considering the field before circling and parking.






While practicing, the Pitts hits a flock of birds and slightly damages one of the wing struts. (No editing here, just flew through it!)






Another rescue helicopter arrived, this time mostly for the display, to allow visitors in.






As a company that started in western Canada, Westjet would never miss this airshow in Airdrie and always as an aircraft for static display.






Another aircraft is approaching Airdrie after having flown over Calgary.






A fly-by over the refinery was mandatory before this one could land at Airdrie. But the clouds momentarily forbidded a low pass and the possibility to take pictures.






In the evening, a Canadian F18 went for a vertical climb with afterburners on over Calgary, after a low pass over the city, as a last signal that tomorrow would be the big day.






Everything was now in place for the annual air show at Airdrie. Well, everything, not exactly. There was still a Pitts pilot working hard in one of the white hangar, trying to fix the wing strut in time for his presentation. Knowing the guy, it was clear that would be fixed.


Hope you enjoyed.


















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Nice series, but just like in photography, composition can make or break a screenshot.  Shot # 4, the seaplane's engine appears to be part of the Embraer fuselage, and it's wingtip is about to behead somebody.

Thanks for your comment Bruce. I agree with you that composition is an essential part of photography, as I've been doing it for decades now. My problem on shot number 4 was that, like any photo, you have choices to make. My issue was that I wanted to show the big red leaf on the tail of the Embraer, and if  I  moved  the picture so that the head is free from the wing,the leaf would disappear or become hardly visible at a different angle. The leaf is a symbol (so is the head for a human I guess!), but in this case, I decided that the priority was the leaf, since the Embraer was already partly covered by the LA25 and the people. I did not want to go lower or higher the horizon as it is now. So, sadly, there was a human sacrifice involved.

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Great idea Francois ! I enjoyed the airshow practice, there are a lot of great looking aircraft at this years show.


We were suposed to have an airshow this year at KLBE with the USAF Thunderbirds, but was cancelled do to all that political stuff. :banghead:



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