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ACTIVE YMML Melbourne V2 - Promblem with textures and performance

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Hey guys,


I've just bought Melbourne V2.

Installed the scenery, started the game, and at least, I had the standard Melbourne Airport from FSX:...


Then I tried to add the scenery in the scenerylibrary manually....


Ok, now I have got the scenery but...


the textures are so bad, I can't even see the taxiway lines....

the performance is very bad too....


see this:




In the preview video of YMML the textures are looking so good....


and yes I HAVE the highest solution 2048 x 2048...


all the other airports textures are perfect.... (but they are not from FTX)


Hope you can help me soon.


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I can see from your screenshot you don't have autogen showing at YMML, mainly because you don't have FTX Australia installed. Our airports are designed mainly to be used with our FTX regions, not default, so you'll be missing a bunch of stuff like autogen, 3D lights, correct elevations etc.


Setting TML to 2048 won't help YMML at all since all its texture sheets are limited to 1024. To see more detail on the ground imagery you need to set your texture resolution in FSX to 7cm. You will also see more sharper detail if you zoom out your camera to 0.30


YMML V2 is really not a bad performing airport at all if you have a decent PC to run it and you follow the slider settings as mentioned in the User Guide. Perhaps read through that first, apply the setting and then report back. But to be honest you're missing out on a lot if you don't have FTX Australia installed, especially more accurate landclass around the airport and Melbourne areas.

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so well, first thanks for your fast answer.


Now, you think if I would buy FTX Australia the Airport would be shown better (has better textures)?

Ok, with the FTX Aero tool you can set the resolution on 2048... so they are not limited (?)


7cm in FSX... well that's pretty high :D


Ok and I think I have a "good" computer, a few specs:


3,4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

8 GB 1600 MHZ DDR3 SDRAM - 2x 4 GB

1 TB Serial-ATA-Festplatte mit 7200 U/Min

AMD Radeon HD 6970M

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FTX Aero does affect some airports including YMML. I usually select 1024 textures in Aero and the "Cracked" theme when I am at YMML.


7cm sounds high but won't affect any other scenery if they don't have 7cm textures. Since YMML has 7cm textures all ground markings will be clearer if you set that in FSX.


Adding FTX Australia will add much nicer landclass for Melbourne area, 3D lights, proper autogen, moving traffic on motorways etc. It's very much recommended for the best experience at YMML and YBBN.

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While we are on the topic of YMML textures and I know it has been discussed before, but is there any way we can convince the FTX airport maintenance department at YMML to do a paint job on the taxi lines and parking bay numbers? They are faded and we have difficulty to see them properly.



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well there is no difference at 7cm.... :-[:banghead:


Johann, do you have the problem too with the textures although you have the AU Blue Temperate South...?

Because John said if you have this scenery pack, the airport would be shown better....

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Yes, Timsa, I have AU Blue installed and active, looks very nice, makes a huge difference in surrounding scenery. All FSX settings as recommended, 7cm etc. It's only the taxiway, the lines and markers, even the apron that look very faded. You can clearly see its only photoreal. It would have been nice if it could be "painted" to be more crisp as all other 3rd party addon scenery I have installed. That's why I asked, is there not perhaps a patch coming to correct this.



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Timsa, here are a few screenshots from my YMML V2 with FTX Australia installed and I can say that's a must have. And in the the last picture you can see my settings.Take a look at my signature what system i use.



















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