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Dusk panorama of the Bitterroot Range

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I tried to create a panorama of 10 pics which shows more than 360 degree of the Bitterroot Range. After stiching, i edited contrast and image sharpness a bit.




I hope you like it and i'm really interested in your sincere opinion. Thanks for looking!

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Wow, that is spectacular.  I assume you overlapped your shots and then layered them in you editor in order to match them up???

Thanks a lot John. Yes, the shots are overlapping about one third. I used the freeware software "hugin" to stich the panorama.


Spectacular shot Karsten , I like to see people push the envelope some in their shots . This certainly does that .


Thank you very much Brad.


Sure is fantastic Karsten well done mate.



Thanks a lot Iain.


You will have to call that type of shot "Orbyscope"  :)


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Thank you Karsten, just twisted my neck trying to view 360 degrees :P :P :D;)

I'm sorry for that Wolter :D


Breathtaking shot Karsten !!



Thanks a lot my friend!

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Good work ..could do some more ?

Thanks a lot Alan. Yes of course. Even though hugin is doing most of the work, it takes some time to create the panorama. And you need an area or location that is worth the work. I think there will be some more from time to time. ::)


Incredible shot karsten, well done!

Thank you very much Mike!

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